We are here to help your family members and friends to quit smoking without struggles.

Why it’s so difficult to quit smoking?

One of the main reasons smokers keep smoking is nicotine. Nicotine is a chemical in cigarettes that makes you addicted to smoking.

How do exitsmoking plans work?

EXITSMOKING’s gradual withdrawal plans allow you gradually reduce your nicotine addiction until you’re ready to quit for good.

Get started to replace your cigarettes with e-cigarette, starting from 18mg of nicotine down to 12mg. (Normally a pack of cigarettes would contain 20mg of nicotine. (Maximum of one bottle of e-liquid per week)

You will soon realize that your taste and smell are greatly improved. Keep your daily routine, follow the instruction and use less amount of nicotine e-liquid. Your nicotine level will be dropped down by 66%

When you arrived this stage, you won’t want to go back to smoke. Within past weeks, you have greatly lessened your dependence on cigarettes and will be more ready to give them up entirely

Help someone you love to quit smoking before it’s too late. #TogetherWeCan

What are peple saying?

Real words from former smoker

Quitting smoking using e-cigarettes is really easy, and is literally a process of weaning yourself away from the nicotine addiction by combating the physical addiction to the nicotine drug addiction at the same time. – Mark D.

I have been a smoker for over 30 years and have tried many times to quite, but never really quit it completely. But something has changed now, I cannot imagined that I will light up a cigarette again. -Stephen S.

After 30 years of smoking, I am so grateful that my son brought me this exitsmoking plan. It works really well. I sincerely hope all of you smokers can start this journey. Good luck my friends! -Thomas C.

The Best Gift for someone you LOVE

3 Months Plan


(Suggested for people who have smoking habit less than a year or smoke a pack or less per day)

Basic Starter Package
1 bottle of e-liquid per week
18mg x 2
12mg x 2
6mg x 2
3mg x 2
0mg x 2

6 Months Plan


(Suggested for people who have smoking habit more than a year or smoke more than a pack per day)

Advanced Starter Package

1 bottle of e-liquid per week
18mg x 3
12mg x 3
6mg x 6
3mg x 6
0mg x 6

Happy Balance? Find out what the smoker wants and give it to them – in much safer way.

For those you who don’t wanna quit smoking, e-cigaretee will be the balanced

The Most Effective Quit Smoking Plans

EXITSMOKING Plans are combination of Technology and Scientific Researchs to help people quit smoking completely without looking backward. Unlike any other methods, people aren’t likely going back to light up a cigarette again after 3 or 6 months plan (depend on your level of addiction). For people who don’t want to quit smoking habit, will be also introduced to a new and magnitude safer way of “smoking”.